Cybercore and SC Automotive Engineering signed a strategic business alliance agreement on customer development and technology development.


Cybercore Co., Ltd., a developer of image recognition AI algorithms (hereinafter referred to as “Cybercore”; Head Office: Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture; President: Hiroshi Abe), and SC Automotive Engineering, Co., Ltd. (“SCAE”; Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Toshimi Yamanoi), a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation that provides technology to major automotive companies, have signed a strategic business alliance agreement to provide solutions that utilize Cybercore’s world-leading* image recognition algorithms to customers of SCAE and SCAE’s parent company, Sumitomo Corporation.

SCAE provides a variety of solutions to major automakers and other transportation equipment manufacturers, and this business alliance is expected to leverage Cybercore’s core technologies, including the LuxEye® image sharpening library, the NeuroEye® lightweight AI algorithm, the WipeEye® missing image restoration algorithm Cybercore’s core technologies, and the DetectEye™ AI for judging abnormal products without the need for defective product learning, are expected to be leveraged to help solve customer issues using cutting-edge technologies.

Cybercore has been active in international AI competitions, where few Japanese companies have been successful. In addition, in April this year, the company launched a new AI system for vehicles. In April of this year, the ReID algorithm was ranked number one in the world by the international algorithm evaluation site Papers with Code. In June of this year, they won the YouTube-VOS 2021 Challenge, an international competition for image AI, out of 331 entries, and gave two presentations at the aforementioned CVPR 2021 conference.

In addition to automated driving, we have experience in developing solutions in a wide range of fields, including infrastructure, factory automation (FA), medical and welfare, and retail, such as convenience stores, as well as the RushEye® AI system for measuring congestion rates using depth cameras, which has already been introduced in the Tokyo Metro. We have a track record of developing solutions in a wide range of fields.

SCAE and the Sumitomo Corporation Group will reinforce Cybercore’s strengths in technology and its weaknesses in commercialization and sales expansion and will promote the business alliance with a view to a possible capital alliance in the future. With this opportunity, we expect to further accelerate our efforts to provide society with intrinsically valuable technologies.

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