Image Processing & Edge AI Solutions by advanced researchers


We provide state-of-art academic level solutions with a
combination of image processing and AI.

One-stop solution company;
Vision AI's three major cores are fully covered with us.
Cybercore has a major technological advantage beyond expectation.

Many similar "AI" companies

Difficulties in seamless development due to isolated specializations

Most algorithms are combination of existing libraries
→difficult to develop complex solutions


One-stop solution to cover vision AI's three major cores

Scientist level engineers develop original, cutting-edge algorithms with deep mathematical comprehension

Cybercore's key technologies

  • Real-time image clarification library

  • Cutting-edge our original light-weight

  • Tokyo Metro has employed Train Boarding Rate Measurement AI System

  • Broken Image Restoration AI Algorithm

  • Razor Beam Surface Inspection AI System

  • Behavior Detection AI

Our Cases

  • Train congestion rate measurement system (RushEye®)
  • Broken Image Restoration System (WipeEye®)
  • Transportation Monitoring System
  • Auto Drive Sensing System
  • Night Vision & Security Camera
  • Roadway & Number Plate Detections
  • Facial Detection System
  • Drone 3D Measuring System
  • Advertisement Auto Generation System (AI)
  • Product Inspection System (AOI)
  • Smoke Detection (Image)
  • Coin Recognition System (Image)

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