Real-time image enhancing technology "LynxEye"

Cybercore provide LynxEye in various format that fits your demand.

  • External Box

    Install LynxEye module into specialized box, insert into the existing video line.

  • Library format

    Cybercore provide LynxEye library for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows format.

  • Camera Built-in

    Smallize into one unit with camera, post-processing module, and LynxEye, which enables to be much smaller.

LynxEye's Advantage

  1. Full HD color lendering that is difficult by infrared camera
  2. Auto brightness/darkness adjustment in various light situation
  3. Can be applicated to existing images/movies you have already taken

Application Examples

  • Car license plate
  • Outdoor (onroad)
  • Backlight (face)

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